CME Meeting Minutes

September 12, 2012,

St. Ignatius, MT



Present: Steve Hughes, Lloyd Irvine, Leroy Dumontier, Kerry Doney, Walt Schock, Trent Coleman


FIIP: Gordon Wind, Pete Plant, RaLynn Brown


Staff: Alan Mikkelsen, Mike Brown


Visitors: Ted Hein, Dan Madsen, Terry Backes, John Swenson, Roy Vallejo, Shelia Vallejo, Gene Erb, David Passieri, Ruth Mahle, Chris Sullivan


The meeting was called to order at 1:00 pm by chairman Steve Hughes. Roll call established that all members were present except Leonard Gray and Ron Trahan who were excused on Tribal Council business.


Walt Schock moved to approve the minutes.

Leroy Dumontier seconded the motion.

Motion carried unanimously.


Chairman Hughes moved the agenda so Mike Brown from Safety of Dams could make a presentation on the Black Lake Dam work. The placement of the outlet pipe has been completed and the next job will be to form and pour concrete eneregy disapater box at the end and a concrete pour at the junction of the current outlet. Mike Brown said that Black Lake will be able to be used for storage in 2013. After pipe and cement are placed, back fill and seeding will take place.


Mike Brown noted that Lower Dry Fork outlet works will be scheduled for replacement work at the end of irrigation season in 2013.


Pete Plant delivered the Project hydrology report. End of season numbers are reflected in all storage reservoirs. Two pumps are operating at the Flathead River pumping plant. Pete noted that he is hoping to carry over 5,000 af in Hubbard Reservoir.


There has been no precipitation since July 1 in the mountains. The four stream flows in Mission Creek, South Fork Jocko, South Crow and Mill Creek have produced good flows, but Pete is extremely concerned about gong into a very dry season and does not recommend draining the reservoirs to the last amount possible.


Gordon Wind announced that the Mission Valley and Jocko Valley irrigation season will end on September 17. Camas Valley will receive water until September 26. Moiese will receive water until September 26, when maintenance will begin. Stockwater deliveries will continue until about mid-October and then firm that up at the October meeting date. Chairman Hughes complimented FIIP management on water management this irrigation season.


Gordon Wind said pumping will continue after the irrigation season ends, until approximately 12,000 af is in storage for winter carryover.


Gordon Wind said that maintenance has involved a great deal of ditch cleaning, with extra Nautique moss chemical also ordered. There have been several washouts in the past six weeks, some due to rodent holes. Upcoming work will include weed control, turnouts, SOD maintenance, Mill Creek wasteway structure, Crow pump canal siphon, J canal diversion, and possibly S canal lining. Gordon Wind expressed concern about benefits of the S Canal lining versus another project that may provide more water. Gordon said he would like to work with fisheries and Jocko irrigators to propose alternatives to present to the State of Montana. Lloyd Irvine asked about the possibility of the state changing projects.


Gordon Wind said he believed that 2014 would be the earliest possible date for Crow Dam gate repair.


RaLynn Brown presented the financial statement as mailed to the CME as of August 1. Kerry Doney moved for approval of the financial report as presented. Leroy Dumontier seconded the motion. Motion approved unanimously.


Alan Mikkelsen discussed the Westwater Consulting contract with Gordon Wind. Gordon noted that Westwater has not billed any costs for the past two months. Gordon said that he would work with Les Evarts to make sure the appropriate language was developed.


Gordon Wind discussed a tort claim for the deaths of two youth in the Dry Creek lining. Chairman Hughes appointed to make recommendations on appropriate legal counsel and legal action.


Gordon Wind discussed a brush head attachment for an excavator. Cost would be $40,500. Leroy Dumontier moved to approve purchase of the brush head excavator. Kerry Doney seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.


Gordon Wind discussed the acquisition of a front end loader/integrated tool carrier. Price would be $34,400. Walt Schock moved to approve the front end loader/integrated tool carrier. Trent Coleman seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.


Chairman Hughes said the subcommittee to discuss the O&M delinquencies will make a report next month.


In response to a question from Trent Coleman, Gordon Wind said the Crow pump canal siphon pipe will upsized to handle more flows, if they become available in the future.


Gordon Wind discussed a policy item concerning the December 24-January 2 time frame. This would be a mandatory shut down and employees would have to use comp time or vacation time during that period or take unpaid leave. Walt Schock moved to approve the mandatory shutdown. Leroy Dumontier seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.


Public comment was opened.


Ted Hein asked about minimum pool at Dry Creek.

Chris Sullivan asked about flood irrigating policy and stopping flood irrigation. He was told that no such change has been proposed.

Terry Backes asked if stockwater on Reavais Creek would be cut off on November 1. She asked if that was related to biological opinion. Pete Plant said that stockwater would continue out of Revais until Revais would run dry.

Ruth Mahle said that she had been told the Tribes were taking over irrigation last Friday.

David Passieri asked about getting a copy of the Biological Opinion.

John Swenson asked about a comprehensive financial report for the CME.

John Swenson asked about taking an oath and the transfer documents.

David Passieri complimented Gordon Wind on maintenance.

Gene Erb asked about putting measuring devices on each board members headgate for two years. Erb also asked about added land to the Project.

Ruth Mahle asked about duty delivery.

Passieri/Erb asking for two year study to see if FTA's are realistic.