Text Box: CME Meeting Minutes
May 6, 2010
St. Ignatius, MT 

Present: Lloyd Irvine (Chairman), Steve Hughes (Vice-Chairman), Walt Schock, Dan Emerson, Beverley Hamel, Leonard Gray, & Leroy Dumontier.

FIIP: Gordon Wind (Project Manager), Pete Plant (Assist. Project Manager), RaLynn Brown

Staff: Alan Mikkelsen

Meeting was called to order at 1:02 pm

Steve Hughes made a motion to approve the minutes for the last 3 CME meetings.  Leroy Dumontier 2nd it.  Motion carried unanimously (minus 1 vote)
Project Report: Gordon Wind gave a Flathead Indian Irrigation Project (FIIP) report.  Water records for past years were not available to him and so we have no solid data to help us figure percentages, but that they were working around that.  Pete Plant, Assist. Project Manager/Hydrologist reported on water measurements, snow-pack, & reservoir storage.  Stream flow run off is at 60-70%, and that overall water levels are low.  Gordon Wind added that water levels are bleak hopefully with recent snowfall & rain it will improve by next month.  Because of water levels Gordon suggested that the water quota be set at .5 acre ft./ acre for Mission Valley water users and for the Camas Division .3 acre ft/acre.  Leroy Dumontier clarified that the Jocko Division’s water quota will be set when they start to draw out of the reservoir.    Steve Hughes stressed the importance of better water measurement this year, to which Gordon Wind and Pete Plant agreed.   Board member Dan Emerson suggested re-evaluating the quotas in a timely manner  so farmers can plan accordingly, he also added that we should not wait too long.

Gordon Wind gave a report on the Polson pumping plant.  Unit 3, and Unit 1 are ready to go.  But they discovered that Unit 2 had a warped bearing and was being rebuilt by H&N Electric, and will be ready by end of the week.  There was a landslide by the pumping plant, reported to him on May 3 2010.  It was caused by separation of concrete lining and had washed out 100-200 yards.  Steve Hughes asked if the membrane used to line canals could be used to fix the leak, Gordon Wind replied that it wasn’t wide enough.  Gordon stated that the FIIP are going to do a temporary fix due to time limitations and will wait until fall to come up with a permanent solution.  Gordon also stated that the leak is compounded when all three pumps are running because of the water level, and that by the look of the damage it has been an ongoing problem.  A discussion followed about running 2 pumps instead of three and what the impact would be to water quota.   Dan Emerson asked if the Project was still working on K Canal, Gordon commented, no, that the FIIP was waiting until fall.

Gordon presented pictures to the board of maintenance jobs.  He applauded the work being done and reported that the crews are “working smart”.  It was echoed by Alan Mikkelsen that commented that there are good reports all the way around, and that it is good to see.
It was brought to the boards attention by Gordon Wind that the FIIP was in violation of Instream flow regulations  on two occasions and that the problem was being solved and employees were talked to about importance of taking water measurements every day.  The financial  report was given and as of May 1, 2010 the Bank Balance was $769,491.14
Technical  Reports: Gordon reported that he had contacted Ed McKay in regards to coming back and helping the project, Ed had shown interest in the possibility as a Part time/contracted employee.  This work would be funded through the ESA/BIA bull trout funding.
Leroy Dumontier asked a question regarding CME policy on bringing land into the project.  Discussion followed.   Steve Hughes suggested  that policy’s be given to board members prior to meeting so members can review them.  That way they could deal with management and CME issues with the policy in front of them and make decisions and move on.  Steve Hughes made a motion that  Alan Mikkelsen make available to each board member a copy of the Plan of Operation and the CME contract.  It was 2nd.  Motion carried unanimously (minus 1 vote).  Steve Hughes made a motion to accept Resolution 2010-03 (Amendment No. 1) in regards to Business Credit Cards for FIIP Office employees.  Walt Schock 2nd it. Motion Carried unanimously (minus 1 vote).  It was decided  that the CME board will report to RaLynn Brown their per diem & mileage and that they will receive payment through the CME account.  Alan Mikkelsen announced that the Flathead Joint Board of Control had approved that $500,00.00 be given to the FIIP to purchase heavy equipment.    Gordon reported that he and Maintenance Foreman John Morigeau had gone to Missoula and looked at used heavy equipment.  Gordon suggested that they go with one brand to simplify maintenance and parts.  The board was presented with a list of used equipment that Gordon had selected to purchase.  After review, Walt Schock made a motion to approve the purchases.  It was 2nd by Leroy Dumontier and Carried unanimously (minus 1 vote).

Gordon Wind brought up additional policy issues regarding turnouts,  specifically who should pay for them.   He felt like the land owner should be responsible for this expense.  A discussion was held over CME policy on this.  Lloyd Irvine felt like the CME board should set the policy and Gordon Wind should manage it.  Leonard Gray requested that Gordon present to the board at next meeting a policy form regarding turnouts, so the board could review it.  Special attention was given to the Fish & Wildlife Endangered species act, which sets regulations on how much waste water can enter  waterways. Water that goes through the coulees needs to be monitored or we could be held in violation.  Larry Winters was allowed to present his case for a turn-out on his property.  After review, Leroy Dumontier made a motion to allow turn-out to be placed at owner’s expense.  Walt Schock 2nd it. Motion was carried unanimously.  (minus 1 vote)

There was Public Comment in regards to new pipes being placed on land-owners property and if land owners should pay.  Dan Emerson suggested a case-by-case review, so they can assess the benefits to both landowners and to the project.  Statements from the public were made about Camas wanting to monitor its own water quota, equipment purchases, and drug policy.  General feeling was the public was in favor of landowners paying for the cost of turn-outs.
Meeting went into Executive discussion at 4:10.  Executive discussion ended at 4:22.

Walt Schock made a motion that the FJBC building be the permanent meeting place for the CME.  It was 2nd by Steve Hughes.  Motion was carried unanimously (minus 1 vote)

Meeting was adjourned at 4:30 p.m