CME Minutes

November 4, 2010

St. Ignatius, MT


Present:† Steve Hughes, Lloyd Irvine, Leroy Dumontier, Kerry Doney, Dan Emerson, Ron Trahan


FIIP:† Gordon Wind, Pete Plant, RaLynn Brown


Staff:† Alan Mikkelsen


Visitors:† Kathy Emerson, Leroy Lake


Chairman Steve Hughes called the meeting to order at 1:00 pm.† He instructed the secretary, Alan Mikkelsen, to conduct a roll call.† All members except Leonard Gray and Walt Schock were present.†


Lloyd Irvine moved to approve the minutes as presented.† Leroy Dumontier seconded the motion.† Motion carried unanimously.†


Gordon Wind and Pete Plant began the FIIP report with a hydrology report.† Pete Plant reported no changes in the Project hydrology report from last month.† Gordon Wind announced that all stock water deliveries would stop on November 15, or sooner, if warranted by cold weather.†


Gordon Wind said that the pumping plant crew were working on coating the impellers of the Flathead River Pumps.† The crews are also working on cleaning and adjusting the switch gear on the number 3 pump, trying to get it into operable condition.† Steve Hughes asked about the cost of casting new impellers and discharge pipe vibration and leaks.† Gordon said that the cost of casting new impellers needed to be updated.† He said that he was trying to get a BOR mechanical engineer to look at the vibration issue.† He noted that BOR was now recommending the installation of dampners on similar installations.†


Dan Emerson asked about Crow Dam repairs.† Gordon replied that he was still optimistic about SOD funding for emergency repairs to the spillway and ultimately inspection and repair of the gates.† Gordon said that he would invite Mike Brown to meet with the CME at the next regular meeting to discuss the SOD program.† Gordon noted that he would be participating in a panel discussion at the BIA SOD program in Albuquerque in mid-November.† He said he would be discussing the Crow Dam situation on the panel.†


Gordon Wind announced that Nick Belcourt had been hired as a heavy equipment mechanic.† Gordon noted that there were two extremely highly qualified applicants for the position.† He noted that Nick Belcourt was highly qualified and recommended and was an Indian preference candidate.†


Gordon Wind said that herbicide spray crews were working as weather allowed.† One excavator is cleaning ditches and the others are engaged in construction projects.† He noted that 71A Canal in Round Butte had been repaired with lining, but that a drop structure was still needed.† Pre-casting of concrete structures at the Ninepipe Camp was starting.† The crews are building a pre-cast slab and warming boxes for accelerated pouring and curing of structures.†


Gordon Wind said that the floor for the Placid Creek screen had been poured last Friday and that the walls would be poured tomorrow.† When the Placid Creek project is done, the crew will move to the Finley/E Canal siphon structure.†


Gordon Wind said that he had discussed having CSKT Forestry doing some brush work on Lower J Canal.† He said that the FIIP may want to buy a brushing head for one of the excavators, depending on the results from the Forestry brushing work.†


Kerry Doney asked about the burning or disposal of brush piles.† Gordon Wind said that the FIIP shouldnít be leaving a mess and that they should be cleaning up all current and future brush or slash piles.†


Gordon Wind discussed a letter from CSKT Lands regarding the FIIPís alleged inability to deliver water to a tract in the Round Butte area.† He said that John Morigeau and Reed Anderson had inspected the headgates and found them to be operable.† Gordon said he would be working with CSKT Lands to try to improve communications and faster responses to concerns such as the ones noted in the letter.† Ron Trahan and Lloyd Irvine noted that Lands should be calling FIIP as soon as possible, instead of taking time to write a letter, at least initially.†


In a similar Lands issue, Alan Mikkelsen noted that he and Gordon Wind were in the process of setting up a meeting with Rhonda Swaney to discuss taking land, particularly trust land, in and out of the Project.†


RaLynn Brown reported that the October 31 balance was $574,291.56.† Chairman Hughes requested that Alan Mikkelsen check on the status of the return of the Indian Deferred payments, as approved by the Secretary of Interior Salazar.†


Alan Mikkelsen reported on an Implementation Committee (IC) tour of FIIP with a BOR fish entrainment study team.† He noted that prevention of ingress of brook trout to McDonald reservoir from the discharge tube has become a major concern for the IC and USFWS.† He also said that none of the BIA mitigation money had been transferred, yet.†


Alan Mikkelsen reported on the CSKT and FJBC rankings for the upcoming RRGL grant awards in the 2011 Montana legislature.† He discussed the CSKT and FJBC proposals, which include lining on S Canal and headworks construction at Upper J canal.† Gordon Wind suggested that FIIP may want to work with the city of Polson in future years to install piped canals through the city.†


Gordon Wind and Alan Mikkelsen presented a second draft of CME personnel policy and discussed changes from the initial draft.† They will work to have a final draft finished for the December meeting, and the CME will then consider final adoption of the personnel policy at itís January meeting.†


Chairman Hughes reiterated his desire for a special CME policy meeting in January to discuss comprehensive FIIP policies.†


Ron Trahan asked about a presentation on grant and funding alternatives from the NRCS.† Gordon said he would work with NRCS both in Sanders and Lake Counties to get that presentation scheduled.†


Chairman Hughes called for public comment.† None was received.†


Chairman Hughes called for an executive session at 3:55 pm to discuss a personnel issue.† The meeting was reopened at 4:05 pm.† Alan Mikkelsen was instructed to proceed with responding to the Human Rights Bureau appeal as necessary, unless the other party engaged an attorney.† If the appealing party engages an attorney, the CME will do likewise.†


The next regular CME meeting was scheduled for December 9, 2011, at the CME Board Room in St. Ignatius.†


The meeting was adjourned at 4:10 pm.†