Flathead Indian Irrigation Project (FIIP)

Cooperative Management Entity (CME) MEETING MINUTES





                                  Held:       November 14, 2012

FJBC Office, St Ignatius, MT                                                                                Approved: Dec. 12, 2012


Members Present:  Steve Hughes, Chair; Leonard Gray, Vice-Chair; Lloyd Irvine; Ron Trahan; Leroy (Sonny) Dumontier; Kerry Doney; Walt Schock; Trent                                         Colman.


FIIP-CME:  Gordon Wind, Project Manager; Pete Plant, Asst. Manager; RaLynn Brown, Administrative Assistant; Tari Shaw, Recording Secretary.


Staff: Alan Mikkelsen, Consultant; Mike Brown & Dan Lozar, CSKT Safety of Dams Program; Les Evarts, CSKT Fisheries Program.


Meeting called to order at 12:55 p.m.


Roll Call.


The FIIP-CME Meeting Minutes for October 10, 2012, were presented for approval.


MOTION by Walt Schock to approve the October 10, 2012, FIIP-CME Meeting Minutes.  Seconded by Lloyd Irvine.  Carried, unanimous (8 present).


Dan Lozar, Safety of Dams Program Engineer, briefed the Board on the stage 2 modifications at Black Lake.  Currently forms for concrete placement are being built

for the outlet works structure walls.  Next week they will be demobilizing all the equipment for the season.  Next year they will be finishing the earthwork for the

berm.  They have 8 feet left to place in order to finish the upper end and the Project will be able to move water through next yearHe also briefed the Board on his

recent trip to Denver, CO to review the specifications for Lower Dry Fork Dam outlet works replacement.


Gordon Wind, Project Manager, informed the Board that the Lower Dry Fork Reservoir will be at its minimum capacity on September 21, 2013, and that will be the

end of the irrigation season for 2013.  He stated that the following spring they would begin filling on March 1, 2014.


Mike Brown, CSKT, Safety of Dams Program, stated that in December he would be putting out a proposal request to get an engineering firm to design the gates at

North Crow.  He will be back in December for a report on the Black Lake Dam and Lower Dry Fork Dam.

Pete Plant, Assistant Manager, presented a report on the FIIP WY 2013 Reservoir Storage.


Gordon Wind, presented an update on O&M activities including:


The crews have been working on replacement turnouts and will continue working as weather permits.

Precast work is ongoing at Ninepipe camp.

Completion of weed spraying for the year.  He stated that they sprayed 102 miles of lateral this fall.

Plans to do a DNRC grant funded rehabilitation on the Upper J diversion structure, which is sponsored by JBC.  The original contribution from CME was $10,000.00.   He is working on getting proceed notice to perform this work and to be reimbursed for costs that occur.

A second DNRC funded grant is for a proposal to line 4,000 feet of the Upper S-Canal.  The proposed Huesker liner is a type that is exposed on the side slopes and based on experienced costs at the K-Canal, the actual cost to complete would be around 70% over the estimate.  Gordon does not recommend going forward with that project.  He feels it is too expensive and not a good application for an exposed linter.  He would like to ask the CSKT to resubmit the request.  He has been working with Morrison Maierle to rewrite the proposal.

Pipeline for the Crow Siphon Project will also be out for bid.  He estimated $50.00/ft for installation.  The railroad has been cooperating with the project and has offered to come in and remove the railroad tracks.

Camas area:  there are some small lateral pipelines:  one south of Garden Creek and two through Grieko’s property.  The landowner’s will buy material and FIIP will do the installation.

Milk Creek spillway:  no replacement at this time as it would cost $50,000 – $100,000; the existing repair will be built up with impervious material this fall.


Kerry Doney, Board Member, asked Gordon Wind, Project Manager, about brush burning for the upcoming spring.   He said he is aware of a couple of piles that are close to a garage.  He stated that he already burned some piles on the S Canal this fall.


Sonny Dumontier, Board Member, expressed his concern with the K Canal.  He felt that they should have spent money on a concrete lining as he said the lining is in really bad shape.  He is concerned with losing water if it leaks.


Gordon Wind, Project Manager, responded that replacing the concrete liner is extremely expensive.  In the same general vicinity, he is concerned with matching $170,000.00 of water user funds against a $100.000.00 grant that mainly provides fisheries benefits once completed.

Leonard Gray, Vice-Chair, asked why the expense for the liner on the K Canal was such an over run.


Gordon Wind, Project Manager, responded that the estimate they received had to have had a botch in the engineering firms portion of the estimate as the estimate wasn’t adequate.


Kerry Doney, Board Member, informed the Board that he had spoke to Harley Tanner regarding a cattle crossing.  He said he could take the pipe up there, but had no place to put it.


Gordon Wind, Project Manager, said John Morigeau, FIIP Maintenance Foreman, would take care of it.


Ron Trahan, Board Member, inquired about the costs of the estimate that was provided by HKM for the K Canal.  He thought the CSKT and JBC each paid $10,000.00 for the proposal.


Alan Mikkelsen, Consultant, responded that FIIP-CME paid for those current proposals.


MOTION by Kerry Doney to modify grant proposal to include pipe rather than liner.  Seconded by Sonny Dumontier.  Carried, unanimous (8 present).


RaLynn Brown, Administrative Assistant, presented the CME with the FIIP Financial Report as of October 31, 2012.


MOTION by Ron Trahan to approve the FIIP-CME Financial Report.  Seconded by Lloyd Irvine.  Carried, unanimous (8 present).


Alan Mikkelson, Consultant, discussed an outstanding contract issue with Battelle for a habitat analysis of the Mission Creek drainage.


Roy Lake, inquired about 2200 af retained in Tabor Reservoir.  He also asked about the status of St. Mary’s Lake.


Steve Hughes, Chairman, asked if one of the CSKT Tribal Council members would set up a meeting with the Council after the first of the year (January 2013).


Leonard Gray, Vice Chair, will make the request to schedule a meeting with the CSKT Tribal Council after the first of the year.  He will update the FIIP-CME Board at the next meeting in December.


Ron Trahan, Board Member, inquired about agenda item #8, under CME-FIIP Old Business:  Reiterate lateral sizing requirements, convey to NRCS (pending policy).


Gordon Wind, Project Manager, responded that CME develops final policies with respect to lateral sizing.  He stated that there is a concern (from those seeking NRCS funding assistance to bury laterals in pipe) with the original sizing criteria that HKM used in their report, as being too large.  Eventually Gordon would like to see that policy discussed.


Steve Hughes, Chairman, informed the Board that he spoke with Ranald McDonald, CSKT Managing Attorney, this morning and was assured that there would be an attorney assigned to the FIIP-CME Board after the new year (2013).  Ranald suggested the Board develop a subcommittee to assist in developing policies.  Once the policies are drafted by the subcommittee, they would be brought back to the full Board for approval.  Steve liked the recommendation and asked the Board Members and FIIP-CME staff for input.


It was the consensus of the Board to assign Steve Hughes, Leonard Gray, Sonny Dumontier, Trent Colman, and Alan Mikkelsen (after Christmas) to serve on the FIIP-CME Subcommittee for policy development.


Steve Hughes, Chairman, will call Ranald McDonald, CSKT Managing Attorney, to set up the subcommittee and have a meeting after Christmas.


Roy Lake discussed turnouts and asked the Board if there was any “wiggle room” or a way to come up with policies that would allow irrigators to pump out of the canal.  He questioned waste water.  He said that current policy states that there is absolutely no pumps allowed in ditches and he questioned that.


Gordon Wind, Project Manager, responded that they need to be careful when considering allowing any pumps in the ditches.  Gordon said that so far, they have only addressed pumps in the ditches when problems arise or when turnouts are being replaced.  He also stated that whatever they do decide for the policy, the BIA will need to approve it as well.


Lloyd Irvine, Board Member, informed the Board that he attended a workshop last week and learned of an issue with Steven Smallsalman, who’s concerned with tree removal on the canal banks.  Lloyd stated that he explained to him that keeping the water in the canal was the main focus in tree removal.  Mr. Smallsalmon would like the FIIP-CME staff to work with him, although he’s not in very close proximity to the tree removal site.


Les Evarts, CSKT Fisheries, discussed the filed trip to Tabor Reservoir and viewing of the site at Dry Creek.  He said they did some probing of bed rock and dug some test pits.  The next step, which will be through the winter, will be working out the details, alternatives, and estimated construction costs.  He stated that would probably be done by the spring of 2013, and brought back to the Board with recommendations.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t think the project will be complete by Bull Trout spawning for the fall of 2013.

Roy Lake asked if Tabor Reservoir is going to be raised.


Gordon Wind, Program Manager, confirmed that it would be raised, not for storage, but rather a Safety of Dam issue.


Steve Hughes, Chairman, informed the Board that Tari Shaw, Recording Secretary, will be absent for the next scheduled FIIP-CME Board meeting on December 12, so RaLynn Brown, FIIP-CME Administrative Assistant, will be taking minutes for that meeting.




FIIP-CME Board met in executive session to discuss personnel issues.


FIIP-CME reconvened into regular session.


MOTION by Lloyd Irvine to adjourn.  Seconded by Sonny Dumontier.  Carried, unanimous (8 present).


Meeting adjourned at 2:40 p.m., and is scheduled to meet again on Wednesday, December 12, 2012.