Flathead Indian Irrigation Project (FIIP)

Cooperative Management Entity (CME) Meeting Minutes


Held:  December 12, 2012 

FJBC Office, St. Ignatius, MT                                                                                                Approved: Jan. 9th, 2013


Members Present:  Steve Hughes, Chair; Leonard Gray, Vice-Chair; Leroy (Sonny) Dumontier; Kerry Doney, Walt Schock, Trent Coleman.


Members Absent: Ron Trahan, Lloyd Irvine


FIIP-CME: Gordon Wind, Project Manager; Pete Plant, Asst. Manager; RaLynn Brown, Administrative Assistant.


Visiting Staff:  Mike Brown & Dan Lozar, CSKT Safety of Dams Program


Public: Reece Middlemist


Meeting called to order      at 1:00.


Roll Call.  All present with exception to Ron Trahan and Lloyd Irvine.


The FIIP-CME Meeting Minutes for November 14, 2012 were presented for approval.


Motion by Kerry Doney to approve the November 14, 2012, FIIP-CME Meeting Minutes.  Seconded by Leroy Dumontier. Carried, unanimously (minus 2)


Dan Lozar, CSKT Safety of Dams Program Engineer, briefed the Board on the stage 2 modifications at Black Lake.  He listed the construction that had been completed to date and outlined what work remained in the spring of 2013.  Work remaining includes: Final 8' of fill and filter upstream of outlet works box, installation of weir boxes at end of drain lines, installation of instrumentation (Piezometers), and final clean-up and demobilization.  CSKT/SOD construction crews will be back on-site to complete these projects as soon as access to Black Lake Dam opens up in spring of 2013.  He addressed concerns regarding the 2013 irrigation season by stating, based on construction completed USBR approved flows up to 180 CFS, but he recommends keeping the maximum flow to 90 CFS.  Current operational discharges are 90-110 CFS.  The USBR still recommends fill restriction to remain current levels until construction is complete and all instrumentation is installed. Black Lake should be able to hold water and to move water at normal levels due to restrictions.  He also stated that the USBR will be providing a "First Fill" plan by end of January 2013, the plan will include: "First Fill" Monitoring, "First Fill" Rate of filling and inspection of new pipe w/ gates closed and reservoir to restriction level .

Dan Lozar informed the board that they are finalizing the purchasing of pipe for Stage 1 modification at Lower Dry Fork Dam.  And that they are doing the final reviews for Stage 2.    


 Pete Plant, Assistant Manager, presented a report on the FIIP WY 2013 Reservoir Storage.  This information will now be available to view on the FIIP-CME website, www.fiip-cme.org.


Gordon Wind, Project Manager, presented an update on O&M activities including:

Replacing turnouts

Replacing Check structures

Vegetation Removal on Pablo Dam and S Canal

Pre casting of Flumes, checks, and turnouts at Ninepipes camp

Camas Lat. 65-C pipeline project was completed.

Weed Spraying is finished for the season.


FIIP is still awaiting quotes for pipe for the Crow Siphon project;  only one vendor  has returned a quote so far.   The pipe will be ordered in the near future so that construction can begin.


Gordon also updated the Board on FIIP Administrative Items.  The RRGL Grant for Upper J, is still being reviewed by the State of Montana DNRC.  The DNRC is questioning whether FIIP  can provide its own engineering and construction management services as an in-kind contribution.  Gordon is awaiting word for the State of Montana if the grant will be awarded and will update the board at the January meeting.


RaLynn Brown, Administrative Assistant, presented the CME with the FIIP Financial Report as of November 30, 2012.


Motion by Walt Schock to approve the FIIP-CME Financial Report.  Seconded by Kerry Doney.  Carried unanimous (minus 2, Ron Trahan and Lloyd Irvine)


New Business.  Operation Policy will be sent to Board Members to review.  Steve Hughes recommended that the board set up a meeting after Christmas  at which the Board could  discuss Policy issues.   No specific date was set.


Reece Middlemist brought before the Board a concern over the use of a sump on his property.  FIIP had recently replaced a headgate and he was informed that a sump would be required.  FIIP policy states that there is to be no piping directly out of ditches and/or canals.


Gordon Wind had reviewed the details before the meeting and presented the board photos of Mr. Middlemist' s property and addressed the board with a workable solution for concerns brought up by the landowner.  The solution did include a sump, but it's top level can be set above the high water surface so as to not spill into the adjacent land (not owned by Middlemist).  Gordon indicated that a uniform policy on pumping directly out of canals/ditches was needed for the future.






The Meeting went into executive session @ 2:10.


Motion was made by Walt Schock that the end of year Christmas Bonus for hourly employees would be $150/employee, plus  a $50 gift certificate for the purchase of a ham, turkey or Roast at a local grocery store. It  was seconded by Leroy Dumontier .  The motion passed unanimously (minus 2).


Motion was made by Kerry Doney that an end of year Christmas Bonus for salaried employees would be  $300/employee, plus  a $50 gift certificate for the purchase of a ham, turkey or Roast at a local grocery store.  It was seconded by Leroy Dumontier.  The motion passed unanimously (minus 2).


Motion to adjourn was made and seconded, it passed unanimously (minus 2)


Meeting adjourned at 3:05 pm


Next Regular meeting will be on January 9th, 2012.



Submitted by RaLynn Brown